Forest Decline and Ozone

Volume 127 of the series Ecological Studies pp 163-200

Ozone Responses of Trees: Results from Controlled Chamber Exposures at the GSF Phytotron

  • C. Langebartels
  • , D. Ernst
  • , W. Heller
  • , C. Lütz
  • , H.-D. Payer
  • , H. SandermannJr.

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Tree damage in the field is judged primarily by visual inspection (Forschungsbeirat Waldschäden 1989; Chappelka and Chevone 1992) using needle and leaf discoloration, premature abscission and crown transparency as the principle and rather nonspecific symptoms. A diagnostic field guide is available for distinguishing “novel” decline symptoms from known mineral deficiencies and frost or insect damage (Hartmann et al. 1988).