An Industrial Perspective of Human Centred Systems

  • Andrew Ainger
Conference paper
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 134)


The benefits of Human Centred Manufacturing Systems are far reaching. There is a ground swell towards these types of system throughout Europe. However, the design, production and installation of Human Centred Manufacturing Systems has to be tackled in a completely new way if the full benefits are to be realised.

This paper outlines an industrial perspective of human centred systems as applied to a large UK based multi-national organisation. It covers the background on which the human centred systems were based, indicates the principal targets of the system and why the human centred approach was adopted. It also provides a brief outline of human centred systems themselves, indicates some of the principal benefits and describes the main methods by which the human centred systems were developed.


Human centred computer integrated manufacture batch manufacturing manufacturing cells cell scheduling 


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