pp 307-416

Chronische Gelenkentzündungen

  • Winfried MohrAffiliated withUniversität Ulm Abt. Pathologie

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Die Problematik der Klassifikationsversuche chronischer Gelenkentzündungen sei mit 2 Zitaten belegt. Ten Seldam [263], ein weiser Emeritus für Pathologie, meinte zu Krankheitsklassifikationen im Allgemeinen: „Over many years I have become more and more convinced that man, in his understandable wish to classify diseases and/or lesions, tends to forget that natural processes can present themselves in an infinite variety of ways and that classification is a man-made game in which the continuous processes of biology will commonly overlap.“ Hench et al. [122] äußerten sich speziell zu den rheumatischen Krankheiten: „The problem of, rheumatism’ began to be complicated only when it became the subject of the intensive researches of the past few decades. The complexity of the situation is, unfortunately, not simplified by the international appearance, at too frequent intervals, of new classifications for rheumatic diseases—classifications too often the, arbeit’ of one who feels that only thereby can he attain recognition as a specialist for rheumatism.“