Decentered Flap in Hyperopic IntraLASIK: Sometimes to Delay Is to Succeed

  • Jorge L. AlióEmail author
  • Alessandro Abbouda
  • Angelo Rampone


A decentered flap is a complication that occurs during the LASIK procedure which can affect the visual and refractive outcome, causing the loss of best corrected visual acuity (BCVA).


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Supplementary material

Video 28.1

The first part of the video shows that the flap was decentered. After the femtolaser, the error was very evident. The surgeon measured the hypothetic ablation area using the caliper and compared it to the real flap area. It was impossible to continue with the procedure because the ablation area would have been out of the flap; therefore, the surgeon decided to postpone the ablation. The flap was not lifted, and the procedure was repeated after 1 week. The second part of the video shows an uneventful procedure. The FM second laser operated a second flap deeper than the first one, and the ablation was performed without complications (MP4 13564 kb)


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