Applying an O-MaSE Compliant Process to Develop a Holonic Multiagent System for the Evaluation of Intelligent Power Distribution Systems

  • Denise Case
  • Scott DeLoach
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This paper describes the application of an Organization-based Multiagent System Engineering (O-MaSE) compliant process to the development of a holonic multiagent system (MAS) for testing control algorithms for an intelligent power distribution system. The paper describes the Adaptive O-MaSE (AO-MaSE) process, which provides architects and developers a structured approach for testing and iteratively adding functionality in complex, adaptive systems. The paper describes the holonic MAS architecture for the intelligent power distribution system, the challenges encountered while developing the holonic architecture, the lessons learned during the project, and demonstrates how the application of the process enhanced project development.


Agent-oriented software engineering holonic multi-agent systems adaptive systems smart infrastructure intelligent power distribution systems 


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