A Survey on Time-of-Flight Stereo Fusion

  • Rahul Nair
  • Kai Ruhl
  • Frank Lenzen
  • Stephan Meister
  • Henrik Schäfer
  • Christoph S. Garbe
  • Martin Eisemann
  • Marcus Magnor
  • Daniel Kondermann
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8200)


Due to the demand for depth maps of higher quality than possible with a single depth imaging technique today, there has been an increasing interest in the combination of different depth sensors to produce a “super-camera” that is more than the sum of the individual parts. In this survey paper, we give an overview over methods for the fusion of Time-of-Flight (ToF) and passive stereo data as well as applications of the resulting high quality depth maps. Additionally, we provide a tutorial-based introduction to the principles behind ToF stereo fusion and the evaluation criteria used to benchmark these methods.


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