High-Level Rules for Integration and Analysis of Data: New Challenges

  • Bogdan Alexe
  • Douglas Burdick
  • Mauricio A. Hernández
  • Georgia Koutrika
  • Rajasekar Krishnamurthy
  • Lucian Popa
  • Ioana R. Stanoi
  • Ryan Wisnesky
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Data integration remains a perenially difficult task. The need to access, integrate and make sense of large amounts of data has, in fact, accentuated in recent years. There are now many publicly available sources of data that can provide valuable information in various domains. Concrete examples of public data sources include: bibliographic repositories (DBLP, Cora, Citeseer), online movie databases (IMDB), knowledge bases (Wikipedia, DBpedia, Freebase), social media data (Facebook and Twitter, blogs). Additionally, a number of more specialized public data repositories are starting to play an increasingly important role. These repositories include, for example, the U.S. federal government data, congress and census data, as well as financial reports archived by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


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  • Ioana R. Stanoi
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  • Ryan Wisnesky
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