Approaches in Integrative Bioinformatics

pp 203-244


Biological Network Modeling and Analysis

  • Sebastian Jan JanowskiAffiliated withFaculty of Technology, Department of Bioinformatics, Bielefeld University Email author 
  • , Barbara KaltschmidtAffiliated withFaculty of Biology, Molecular Neurobiology, Bielefeld University
  • , Christian KaltschmidtAffiliated withFaculty of Biology, Cell Biology, Bielefeld University

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Each scientist needs to be aware of the complexity of cellular life and the modeling possibilities to be able to reconstruct, analyze, and simulate biological systems. Bioinformatics modeling, analysis, and simulation are highly interdisciplinary disciplines using techniques and concepts from computer science, statistics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, genetics, and physics, among others. Without knowledge about these research topics, it is almost impossible to produce good theoretical models, which can be used for hypothesis testing. Therefore, this chapter gives an impression of what can be modeled from the bioinformatics and biological point of view and introduces into biological networks, common analysis techniques from graph theory, and possibilities to reconstruct, simulate, and share biological networks based on database content.