Airport Gate Assignment Considering Ground Movement

  • Urszula M. Neuman
  • Jason A. D. Atkin
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Airports all over the world are becoming busier and many of them are facing capacity problems. The actual airport capacity strongly depends on the efficiency of the resource utilisation. Although simultaneously handling all of the problems may result in more effective resource utilisation, historically different types of airport resources have been handled independently. Despite introducing new support systems the historical separation has often remained. This may increase congestion, which has a negative impact on both the passengers’ comfort and the environment. This paper focuses on modelling the gate allocation problem taking into consideration possible conflicts at taxiways around gates. Introducing the taxiway information in the early stage of the allocation planning is a step forward in integration of the two airport operations. Various configurations of the model have been tested using a real data set to evaluate how the new anti-conflict and novel towing constraints influence the final allocation.


Airport Gate Assignment Mathematical Modelling Mixed Integer Programming 


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  • Urszula M. Neuman
    • 1
  • Jason A. D. Atkin
    • 1
  1. 1.School of Computer ScienceUniversity of NottinghamNottinghamUnited Kingdom

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