Generic Bio-inspired Chip Model-Based on Spatio-temporal Histogram Computation: Application to Car Driving by Gaze-Like Control

  • Patrick Pirim
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A neuromorphic generic chip has been developed for human-like perception, from 1986 onwards. Similarly to the brain, the chip intertwines three aspects of visual perception, respectively related to color vision, to movement detection and to border identification. These so-called Global, Dynamic and Structural perceptions are processed on-line by a family of spatio-temporal histogram computations. The interconnected histograms mimic the brain’s ”What and Where” mode of visual processing. The chip’s capabilities are demonstrated here with an automatic car driving simulation that mimics the human gaze control on the steering wheel.


generic chip spatio-temporal histogram model-based processing bio-inspired neuromimetic perception vision gaze control car driving GVPP BIPS 


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