Systematic Mapping of Architectures for Telemedicine Systems

  • Glauco de Sousa e Silva
  • Ana Paula Nunes Guimarães
  • Hugo Neves de Oliveira
  • Tatiana Aires Tavares
  • Eudisley Gomes dos Anjos
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7973)


The use of telemedicine systems is becoming increasingly common these days. Telemedicine systems exist for the purposes of education, improving the accuracy of medical diagnoses through the provision of a second opinion, and remote patient monitoring. Accordingly, the number of software solutions is increasing. Software Architecture is a subarea of Software Engineering whose goal is to study the system components, their external properties, and their relationships with other software. A good architecture can allow a system meets the mainly requirements of a project, such as performance, reliability, portability, easy maintenance, interoperability, etc. Aiming to find out what architectural styles that proposes a better performance in systems for telemedicine, a systematic mapping was done. With this mapping, it was possible to find taxonomies related to telemedicine systems, architectural styles commonly used in these systems and technologies relevant to the area.


telemedicine mapping study software architecture 


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  • Ana Paula Nunes Guimarães
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  • Hugo Neves de Oliveira
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