Milnor’s Work in Algebra and Its Ramifications

  • Hyman BassEmail author
Part of the The Abel Prize book series (AP)


Highlights of Milnor’s extensive work in algebra are surveyed, with an emphasis on their ramifications and influence on further developments in the field. After brief discussion of his work on Hopf algebras, and on Growth of groups, more substantial treatment is given of his work on The Congruence Subgroup Problem, and on Algebraic K-theory and quadratic forms.


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Supplementary material

A lecture by Prof. Ghys in connection with the Abel Prize 2011 to John Milnor (MP4 399 MB)

A lecture by Prof. Hopkins in connection with the Abel Prize 2011 to John Milnor (MP4 306 MB)

A lecture by Prof. McMullen in connection with the Abel Prize 2011 to John Milnor (MP4 362 MB)

The Abel Lecture by John Milnor, the Abel Laureate 2011 (MP4 379 MB)


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