Force Spectroscopy of DNA and RNA: Structure and Kinetics from Single-Molecule Experiments

  • Rebecca Bolt Ettlinger
  • Michael Askvad Sørensen
  • Lene Broeng OddershedeEmail author
Part of the Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology book series (NUCLEIC, volume 29)


Force spectroscopy of individual DNA and RNA molecules provides unique insights into the structure and mechanics of these for life so essential molecules. Observations of DNA and RNA molecules one at a time provide spatial, structural, and temporal information that is complementary to the information obtained by classical ensemble methods. Single-molecule force spectroscopy has been realized only within the last decades, and its success is crucially connected to the technological development that has allowed single-molecule resolution. This chapter provides an introduction to in vitro force spectroscopy of individual DNA and RNA molecules including the most commonly used techniques, the theory and methodology necessary for understanding the data, and the exciting results achieved. Three commonly used single-molecule methods are emphasized: optical tweezers, magnetic tweezers, and nanopore force spectroscopy. The theory of DNA stretch and twist under tension is described along with related experimental examples. New principles for extracting kinetic and thermodynamic information from nonequilibrium data are outlined, and further examples are given including the opening of DNA and RNA structures to reveal their energy landscape. Finally, future perspectives for force spectroscopy of DNA and RNA are offered.


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Gibbs free energy change


Activation energy


Crooks fluctuation theorem


Double-stranded DNA


Extensible worm-like chain model


Freely jointed chain model


Jarzynski equality


Rate of transition at force F


Rate of transition at zero force




Contour length


Persistence length


Magnetic tweezers


Nanopore force spectroscopy


Optical tweezers


Single-stranded DNA


Twistable worm-like chain model


Worm-like chain model


Distance to the transition state


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