New Robust Video Watermarking Techniques Based on DWT Transform and Spread Spectrum of Basis Images of 2D Hadamard Transform

  • Jakob Wassermann
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 368)


This paper presents a new approach for watermarking of digital video providing robustness against MPEG compression. The initial video is decomposed by one-dimensional 2 Level Wavelet Transform. The low pass filtered LL video stream is used for embedding the procedure. Every frame of this sequence undergoes a 16x16 block wise DCT before the embedding procedure is applied on selected coefficients of the spectrum. The embedding algorithm itself is realized by spread spectrum techniques. The watermark bits are substituted by a set of 16 basis images of 2D-Hadamard Transform of the block size 8x8. Instead of embedding 1 or 0 of the watermark the corresponding pattern of basis images are embedded by spread spectrum routine into the selected coefficients of DCT spectrum. The experimental results show that this method seems to be very robust against MPEG compression, adding noise and obtaining low degradation of the host sequence.


Videowatermarking DWT Hadamard Transform DCT Spread Spectrum 


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  • Jakob Wassermann
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  1. 1.Dep. of Electronic EngineeringUniversity of Applied Sciences Technikum WienWienAustria

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