Using Language Engineering to Lift Languages and Analyses at the Domain Level

  • Daniel Ratiu
  • Markus Voelter
  • Bernd Kolb
  • Bernhard Schaetz
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7871)


Developers who use C model checkers have to overcome three usability challenges: First, it is difficult to express application level properties as C-level verification conditions, due to the abstraction gap. Second, without advanced IDE support, it is difficult to interpret the counterexamples produced by the model checker and understand what went wrong in terms of application level properties. Third, most C model checkers support only a subset of C and it is easy for developers to inadvertently use C constructs outside this subset. In this paper we report on our preliminary experience with using the MPS language workbench to integrate the CBMC model checker with a set of domain-specific extensions of C for developing embedded software. Higher level language constructs such as components and decision tables makes it easier for end users to bridge the abstraction gap, to write verification conditions and to interpret the analysis results. Furthermore, the use of language workbenches allows the definition of analyzable language subsets, making the implementation of analyses simpler and their use more predictable.


Zucker Veri Derrick 


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  • Markus Voelter
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  • Bernd Kolb
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  • Bernhard Schaetz
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