Runtime Virtual Machine Recontextualization for Clouds

  • Django Armstrong
  • Daniel Espling
  • Johan Tordsson
  • Karim Djemame
  • Erik Elmroth
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7640)


We introduce and define the concept of recontextualization for cloud applications by extending contextualization, i.e. the dynamic configuration of virtual machines (VM) upon initialization, with autonomous updates during runtime. Recontextualization allows VM images and instances to be dynamically re-configured without restarts or downtime, and the concept is applicable to all aspects of configuring a VM from virtual hardware to multi-tier software stacks. Moreover, we propose a runtime cloud recontextualization mechanism based on virtual device management that enables recontextualization without the need to customize the guest VM. We illustrate our concept and validate our mechanism via a use case demonstration: the reconfiguration of a cross-cloud migratable monitoring service in a dynamic cloud environment. We discuss the details of the interoperable recontextualization mechanism, its architecture and demonstrate a proof of concept implementation. A performance evaluation illustrates the feasibility of the approach and shows that the recontextualization mechanism performs adequately with an overhead of 18% of the total migration time.


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  • Django Armstrong
    • 1
  • Daniel Espling
    • 2
  • Johan Tordsson
    • 2
  • Karim Djemame
    • 1
  • Erik Elmroth
    • 2
  1. 1.University of LeedsUnited Kingdom
  2. 2.Umeå UniversitySweden

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