Data Security Perspectives in the Framework of Cloud Governance

  • Adrian Copie
  • Teodor-Florin Fortiş
  • Victor Ion Munteanu
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7640)


The adoption of Cloud Computing paradigm by the Small and Medium Enterprises allows them to associate and to create virtualized forms of enterprises or clusters that better sustain the competition with large enterprises sharing the same markets. In the same time the lack of security standards in Cloud Computing generates reluctance from the Small and Medium Enterprises in fully move their activities in the Cloud. We have proposed a Cloud Governance architecture which relies on mOSAIC project’s cloud management solution called Cloud Agency, implemented as a multi-agent system. The Cloud Governance solution is based on various datastores that manage the data produced and consumed during the services lifecycle. This paper focuses on determining the requirements that must be met by the various databases that compound the most complex datastore from the proposed architecture, called Service Datastore, together with emphasizing the threats and security risks that the individual database entities must face.


Cloud Computing Cloud Governance Datastores Databases Security in the Cloud 


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  • Teodor-Florin Fortiş
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  • Victor Ion Munteanu
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  2. 2.Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Department of Computer ScienceWest University of TimişoaraTimişoaraRomania

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