CPAchecker with Explicit-Value Analysis Based on CEGAR and Interpolation

(Competition Contribution)
  • Stefan Löwe
Conference paper
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CPAchecker is a freely available software-verification framework, built on the concepts of Configurable Program Analysis (CPA). Within CPAchecker, several such CPAs are available, e.g., a Predicate-CPA, building on the predicate domain, as well as an Explicit-CPA, in which an abstract state is represented as an explicit variable assignment. In the CPAchecker configuration we are submitting, the highly efficient Explicit-CPA, backed by interpolation-based counterexample-guided abstraction refinement, joins forces with an auxiliary Predicate-CPA in a setup utilizing dynamic precision adjustment. This combination constitutes a highly promising verification tool, and thus, we submit a configuration making use of this analysis approach.


Predicate Abstraction Error Path Software Model Check Abstraction Refinement Spurious Counterexample 
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  • Stefan Löwe
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  1. 1.University of PassauGermany

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