Two Firsts for the TPC: A Benchmark to Characterize Databases Virtualized in the Cloud, and a Publicly-Available, Complete End-to-End Reference Kit

  • Andrew Bond
  • Greg Kopczynski
  • H. Reza Taheri
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7755)


The TPC formed a subcommittee in 2010 to develop TPC V, a benchmark for virtualized databases. We soon discovered two major issues. First, a database benchmark running in a VM, or even a consolidation scenario of a few database VMs, is no longer adequate. There is demand for a benchmark that emulates cloud computing, e.g., a mix of heterogeneous VMs, and dynamic load elasticity for each VM. Secondly, waiting for system or database vendors to develop benchmarking kits to run such a benchmark is problematic. Hence, we are developing a publicly-available, end-to-end reference kit that will run against the open source PostgreSQL DBMS. This paper describes TPC V and the proposed architecture of its reference kit; provides a progress report; and presents results from prototyping experiments with the reference kit.


Database performance virtualization PostgreSQL cloud computing 


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  • Greg Kopczynski
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  • H. Reza Taheri
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  1. 1.Red Hat, Inc.USA
  2. 2.VMware, Inc.USA

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