Incorporating Recovery from Failures into a Data Integration Benchmark

  • Len Wyatt
  • Brian Caufield
  • Marco Vieira
  • Meikel Poess
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7755)


The proposed TPC-DI benchmark measures the performance of Data Integration systems (a.k.a. ETL systems) given the task of integrating data from an OLTP system and other data sources to create a data warehouse.This paper describes the scenario, structure and timing principles used in TPC-DI. Although failure recovery is very important in real deployments of Data Integration systems, certain complexities made it difficult to specify in the benchmark. Hence failure recovery aspects have been scoped out of the current version of TPC-DI. The issues around failure recovery are discussed in detail and some options are described. Finally the audience is invited to offer additional suggestions.


Industry Standard Benchmarks Data Integration ETL ACID properties Durability Dependability Reliability Recovery Data Warehouse Decision Support 


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  • Len Wyatt
    • 1
  • Brian Caufield
    • 2
  • Marco Vieira
    • 3
  • Meikel Poess
    • 4
  1. 1.Microsoft CorporationUSA
  2. 2.IBMUSA
  3. 3.CISUC - Department of Informatics EngineeringUniversity of CoimbraPortugal
  4. 4.Oracle CorporationRedwood ShoresUSA

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