Necessary Conditions for Convergence Rates of Regularizations of Optimal Control Problems

  • Daniel Wachsmuth
  • Gerd Wachsmuth
Part of the IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology book series (IFIPAICT, volume 391)


We investigate the Tikhonov regularization of control constrained optimal control problems. We use a specialized source condition in combination with a condition on the active sets. In the case of high convergence rates, these conditions are necessary and sufficient.


optimal control problem inequality constraints Tikhonov regularization source condition 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Daniel Wachsmuth
    • 1
  • Gerd Wachsmuth
    • 2
  1. 1.Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM)Austrian Academy of SciencesLinzAustria
  2. 2.Department of MathematicsChemnitz University of TechnologyChemnitzGermany

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