SPADE: Support for Provenance Auditing in Distributed Environments

  • Ashish Gehani
  • Dawood Tariq
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7662)


SPADE is an open source software infrastructure for data provenance collection and management. The underlying data model used throughout the system is graph-based, consisting of vertices and directed edges that are modeled after the node and relationship types described in the Open Provenance Model. The system has been designed to decouple the collection, storage, and querying of provenance metadata. At its core is a novel provenance kernel that mediates between the producers and consumers of provenance information, and handles the persistent storage of records. It operates as a service, peering with remote instances to enable distributed provenance queries. The provenance kernel on each host handles the buffering, filtering, and multiplexing of incoming metadata from multiple sources, including the operating system, applications, and manual curation. Provenance elements can be located locally with queries that use wildcard, fuzzy, proximity, range, and Boolean operators. Ancestor and descendant queries are transparently propagated across hosts until a terminating expression is satisfied, while distributed path queries are accelerated with provenance sketches.


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