Completing the Automated Verification of a Small Hypervisor – Assembler Code Verification

  • Wolfgang Paul
  • Sabine Schmaltz
  • Andrey Shadrin
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7504)


In [1] the almost complete formal verification of a small hypervisor with the automated C code verifier VCC [2] was reported: the correctness of the C portions of the hypervisor and of the guest simulation was established; the verification of the assembler portions of the code was left as future work. Suitable methodology for the verification of Macro Assembler programs in VCC was given without soundness proof in [3]. A joint semantics of C + Macro Assembler necessary for such a soundness proof was introduced in [4]. In this paper i) we observe that for two instructions (that manipulate stack pointers) of the hypervisor code the C + Macro Assembler semantics does not suffice; therefore we extend it to C + Macro Assembler + assembler, ii) we argue the soundness of the methodology from [3] with respect to this new semantics, iii) we apply the methodology from [3] to formally verify the Macro Assembler + assembler portions of the hypervisor from [1], completing the formal verification of the small hypervisor in the automated tool VCC.


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  • Wolfgang Paul
    • 1
  • Sabine Schmaltz
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  • Andrey Shadrin
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  1. 1.Saarland UniversityGermany

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