Historic Center of Macao

  • Guo Huadong


The Historic Center of Macao is located in the Macao Special Administrative Region, which is located on the broad Pearl River Delta and is connected with Zhuhai City of Guangdong Province in the north and the west. Macao is closely interconnected with Hong Kong to the east, the two of which are separated by the estuary of the Pearl River. The Macao Special Administrative Region is a transportation hub from Southeast Asia to Northeast Asia on the South China Sea. Together with the internal and external harbors formed naturally on the eastern and western sides of the Macao Peninsula, it has been an ideal staging post and safe harbor for merchant ships from the East and the West for over 400 years. This geographical advantage has enabled communication and integration of multiple cultures in Macao; accordingly, a unique urban human landscape and architectural style was created. As a result, the Historic Center of Macao emerged based on the harmony between nature and the urban environment.


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