Real Data Analysis GOCE (REAL GOCE): A Retrospective Overview

  • Wolf-Dieter SchuhEmail author
  • Boris Kargoll
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Many years of intensive research led to the realization of the Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) satellite mission (cf. ESA 1999), which was launched on 17 March 2009. The primary goal of this mission is the determination of the static component of the Earths gravity field with the unprecedented global accuracy and resolution of at least 1 mGal for gravity anomalies and 1–2 cm for the geoid at a global scale of at least 100 km. With the availability of this model other geoscientific core goals can be realized: the Earth system with all its interacting geophysical and oceanographic processes may be modeled with much higher reliability by means of a high-precision GOCE gravity field, while a high-precision geoid will finally enable geodesists to unify and connect the heterogeneous national height reference systems.


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