Deterministic Parameterized Connected Vertex Cover

  • Marek Cygan
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In the Connected Vertex Cover problem we are given an undirected graph G together with an integer k and we are to find a subset of vertices X of size at most k, such that X contains at least one end-point of each edge and such that X induces a connected subgraph. For this problem we present a deterministic algorithm running in O(2 k poly(n)) time and polynomial space, improving over the previous-best O(2.4882 k poly(n)) time deterministic algorithm and O(2 k poly(n)) time randomized algorithm. Furthermore, when usage of exponential space is allowed, we present an O(2 k k(n + m)) time algorithm that solves a more general variant with real weights.

Finally, we show that in O(2 k poly(n)) time and space one can count the number of connected vertex covers of size at most k, and this time upper bound can not be improved to O((2 − ε) k poly(n)) for any ε > 0 under the Strong Exponential Time Hypothesis, as shown by Cygan et al. [CCC’12].


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