Interactive mobile applications require a highly available multicast service for information dissemination and collaboration, while being able to withstand mobility-induced network connectivity problems. However, efficient and reliable wireless multicast has remained a difficult challenge. We propose a novel wireless multicast scheme that allows more efficient and mobility-proof multicast in mobile cloud environments. Our scheme uses a distributed caching and deferred acknowledgement (ACK) technique to reduce delivery ACK traffic during a multicast session. Packets with pending ACK are cached in selected network nodes to provide fast re-delivery. A distributed multicast tree construction algorithm is also utilized to provide fast topology repair under dynamic network conditions. The tree maintenance requires each node to keep track of its 2-hop neighborhood connectivity. Our scheme’s ability to overcome frequent network topology changes leads to a low message exchange overhead to correct local topology errors.


multicast mobile cloud reliability mobility fail-recovery MAC protocol wireless network 


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  • Hui Chen
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  • Kostadin Damevski
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  • Jonathan Liu
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