Tomography of the Hydrated Materials

  • Vikas Mittal
  • Nadejda B. Matsko
Part of the Engineering Materials book series (ENG.MAT.)


The preservation of native structures of soft polymers and biological organisms during sample preparation and microscopic study is the ultimate requirement for comprehensive analyses at the level of individual macromolecules. A combination of low temperature techniques such as cryo sectioning [cryoultramicrotomy and cryo focus ion beam (FIB) milling], followed by high-resolution cryo microscopy study (cryo transmission electron microscopy, cryo TEM), has proved to be the most powerful approach available so far for ultrastructural investigation of the bulk of soft materials.


Atomic Force Microscopy Tuning Fork Quartz Tuning Fork Cryo Transmission Electron Microscopy Coeloconica Sensillum 
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  1. 1.Chemical Engineering DepartmentThe Petroleum InstituteAbu DhabiUAE
  2. 2.Institute for Electron Microscopy and Fine Structure ResearchTechnical University of GrazGrazAustria

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