IEC-Based 3D Model Retrieval System

  • Seiji OkajimaEmail author
  • Yoshihiro Okada
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 14)


Recently, 3D CG animations have become in great demand for movie and video game industries. As a result, many 3D model and motion data have been created and stored. In this situation, we need any tools that help us to efficiently retrieve required data from such a pool of 3D models and motions. The authors have already proposed a motion retrieval system using Interactive Evolutionary Computation (IEC) based on Genetic Algorithm (GA). In this paper, the authors propose a 3D model retrieval system using the IEC based on GA and clarify the usefulness of the system by showing experimental results of 3D model retrievals practically performed by several users. The results indicate that the proposed system is useful for effectively retrieving required data from a 3D model database including many data more than one thousand.


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