Intuitionistic Fuzzy Relations (IFRs)

  • Krassimir T. AtanassovEmail author
Part of the Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing book series (STUDFUZZ, volume 283)


First, we define six versions of another operation over IFSs – namely, Cartesian products of two IFSs. To introduce the concept of intuitionistic fuzzy relation, we use these operations.

Let E 1 and E 2 be two universes and let
$$ \begin{array} {cll} A &= & \lbrace \langle x, \mu_{A}(x), \nu_{A}(x)\rangle | x\in E_{1} \rbrace,\\ B &= & \lbrace \langle y, \mu_{B}(y), \nu_{B}(y)\rangle | y\in E_{2} \rbrace,\\ \end{array} $$
be two IFSs over E 1 and over E 2, respectively.


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