Enabling Real Time Data Analysis

  • Divesh Srivastava
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Network-based services have become a ubiquitous part of our lives, to the point where individuals and businesses have often come to critically rely on them. Building and maintaining such reliable, high performance network and service infrastructures requires the ability to rapidly investigate and resolve complex service and performance impacting issues. To achieve this, it is important to collect, correlate and analyze massive amounts of data from a diverse collection of data sources in real time.

We have designed and implemented a variety of data systems at AT&T Labs-Research to build highly scalable databases that support real time data collection, correlation and analysis, including (a) the Daytona data management system, (b) the DataDepot data warehousing system, (c) the GS tool data stream management system, and (d) the Bistro data feed manager. Together, these data systems have enabled the creation and maintenance of a data warehouse and data analysis infrastructure for troubleshooting complex issues in the network. We describe these data systems and their key research contributions in this talk.

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