Software Aging and Rejuvenation for Increased Resilience: Modeling, Analysis and Applications



Software aging and rejuvenation research has shown that the application of approaches for software aging modeling, monitoring, and rejuvenation has the potential to significantly increase software resilience. In this chapter, we present an overview of important analytical models and measurement approaches for software aging and rejuvenation. We start by describing the Markov based approaches and renewal process based approaches for software aging and rejuvenation modeling. In addition, we present measurement based approaches using both online and offline methods for software rejuvenation. We conclude by presenting a categorization of the approaches and by presenting a brief overview of applicability of each of the approaches presented in this chapter.


Software Aging Resource Exhaustion Downtime Cost Software Rejuvenation Measurement Base Approach 
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We like to thank Dr. Fumio Machida, Ermeson Andrade and Dr. Jing Zhao for their useful comments.

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