Semantic Stored Procedures Programming Environment and Performance Analysis

  • Marjan EfremovEmail author
  • Vladimir Zdraveski
  • Petar Ristoski
  • Dimitar Trajanov
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing book series (AINSC, volume 150)


Supporting the idea of the semantic web, we developed a Semantic Stored Procedures (SSP) programming environment for the Oracle11g database, similar to the existing ones, available for the stored procedures in the relational databases. This show-case SSP-environment supports the basic test/store/execute/remove scenarios for sem_match-queries, but is also a quite extensive system. An eclipse plug-in that provides a GUI for these operations and java API which helps programmers to use the SSP-call functionality were released in the package with the Oracle11g SSP-extension. The performances of our system are comparable (much better in most of the cases) with the existing adapters, as shown with the measurements in comparison with the well-known Jena adapter. Thus, a complete development environment for SSP-programming is now available and the semantic query management, as a simple concatenation of strings inside the code, seems to becoming just a forgotten nightmare of our semantic web programmer’s life.


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    Email author
  • Vladimir Zdraveski
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  • Petar Ristoski
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  • Dimitar Trajanov
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  1. 1.Open Mind Solutions – SkopjeSkopjeRepublic of Macedonia
  2. 2.Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies – SkopjeSs. Cyril and Methodius UniversitySkopjeRepublic of Macedonia

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