P2P and Cloud: A Marriage of Convenience for Replica Management

  • Hanna Kavalionak
  • Alberto Montresor
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P2P and cloud computing are two of the latest trend in the Internet arena. They could both be labeled as “large-scale distributed systems”, yet their approach is completely different: based on completely decentralized protocols exploiting edge resources the former, focusing on huge data centers the latter. Several Internet startups have quickly reached stardom by exploiting cloud resources, unlike P2P applications which often lack a business model. Recently, companies like Spotify and Wuala have started to explore how the two worlds could be merged, exploiting (free) user resources whenever possible, aiming at reducing the bill to be payed to cloud providers. This mixed model could be applied to several different applications, including backup, storage, streaming, content distribution, online gaming, etc. A generic problem in all these areas is how to guarantee the autonomic regulation of the usage of P2P vs. cloud resources: how to guarantee a minimum level of service when peer resources are not sufficient, and how to exploit as much P2P resources as possible when they are abundant.


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  • Hanna Kavalionak
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  • Alberto Montresor
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