Intrinsic Magnetism and Collective Magnetic Properties of Size-Selected Nanoparticles

  • C. AntoniakEmail author
  • N. Friedenberger
  • A. Trunova
  • R. Meckenstock
  • F. Kronast
  • K. Fauth
  • M. Farle
  • H. Wende
Part of the NanoScience and Technology book series (NANO)


Using size-selected spherical FePt nanoparticles and cubic Fe/Fe-oxide nanoparticles as examples, we discuss the recent progress in the determination of static and dynamic properties of nanomagnets. Synchroton radiation-based characterisation techniques in combination with detailed structural, chemical and morphological investigations by transmission and scanning electron microscopy allow the quantitative correlation between element-specific magnetic response and spin structure on the one hand and shape, crystal and electronic structure of the particles on the other hand. Examples of measurements of element-specific hysteresis loops of single 18 nm sized nanocubes are discussed. Magnetic anisotropy of superparamagnetic ensembles and their dynamic magnetic response are investigated by ferromagnetic resonance as a function of temperature at different microwave frequencies. Such investigations allow the determination of the magnetic relaxation and the extraction of the average magnetic anisotropy energy density of the individual particles.


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We would like to thank the HZB—BESSY II staff, in particular T. Kachel, R. Schulz, and H. Pfau for their kind support during beamtimes. For their great help in the measurements and technical support, F. Wilhelm, A. Rogalev, P. Voisin, and S. Feite (ESRF) are gratefully acknowledged. For nanoparticle synthesis we would like to thank S. Sun (Brown U.) and O. Margeat (U. de la Méditerranée Marseille), and J.-U. Thiele (Seagate) for preparation of the epitaxial films. For help with the SPR-KKR package J. Minár, M. Košuth, S. Mankovsky and H. Ebert (LMU Munich) are acknowledged. We thank all other collaborators and members of the SFB 445—a number too large to be mentioned here in particular—for their help and for fruitful discussions. This work was financially supported by the DFG (SFB445), EU (MRTN-CT-2004-005567), ESRF and BMBF (05 ES3XBA/5).


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