Preparation Techniques for the Analysis of Stable Chlorine Isotopes

  • Hans EggenkampEmail author
Part of the Advances in Isotope Geochemistry book series (ADISOTOPE)


Before the development of “modern” isotope ratio mass spectrometers (Nier in Rev Sci Inst 18:398–411, 1947; McKinney et al. in Rev Sci Inst 21:724–730, 1950) stable isotope ratios and variations in these ratios were measured by techniques such as gravimetric determination (e.g. Richards and Wells in J Amer Chem Soc 27:459–529, 1905; Curie in Compte Rend Sean 172:1025–1028, 1921) and mass spectrography (Aston in Phil Mag 42:140–144, 1921, Proc R Soc Lond A 132:487–498, 1931; Von Kallman and Lasareff in Z Phys 80:237–241, 1932; Nier and Hanson in Phys Rev 50:722–726, 1936).


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