The German DBpedia: A Sense Repository for Linking Entities


The modeling of lexico-semantic resources by means of ontologies is an established practice. Similarly, general-purpose knowledge bases are available, e.g. DBpedia, the nucleus for the Web of Data. In this section, we provide a brief introduction to DBpedia and describe recent internationalization efforts (including the creation of a German version) around it. With DBpedia serving as an entity repository it is possible to link the Web of Documents with the Web of Data via DBpedia identifiers. This function is provided by DBpedia Spotlight, which we briefly introduce. We then show how the NLP Interchange Format (NIF) can be used to represent this linking transparently for applications. Using the OLiA ontologies to represent linguistic annotations, NIF allows to represent the output of NLP tools, such as DBpedia Spotlight, in a uniform way.


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