Simulation of MIT Rule-Based Adaptive Controller of a Power Plant Superheater

  • Zdenek MachacekEmail author
  • Martin Pies
  • Stepan Ozana
Part of the Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing book series (AINSC, volume 133)


MIT rule is one of the basic techniques of adaptive control. It can be embedded into a general scheme of circuit with MRAC structure (reference adaptive controller). This paper deals with simulation of MRAC by use of MIT rule for a superheater which is a crucial part of a coal-fired power plant. A superheater has been chosen as a typical practical real plant with time-variant parameters and thus suitable to be controlled by adaptive control mechanism. The paper gives a comparison of adaptive control with MRAC and original PID control currently implemented in a chosen output superheater in Detmarovice power plant. Matlab&Simulink environment is used for a simulation of the control circuit described in this paper.


Adaptive control MRAC Superheater MIT rule MATLAB& Simulink 


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