Investigation and Application on Appreciation Methods of Art among Students in Comprehensive Colleges and Universities

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Among elective art appreciations teachings in comprehensive institutions in our country, students hope to improve their aesthetic abilities and deepen social and cultural understandings by appreciating art works. Make application of reasonable methods to guide students appreciate the excellent Chinese and foreign art works, this will help them form a special ability to appreciate art works and enhance aesthetic ability and cultural understandings. According to the process of psychological aesthetic appreciation, we can divide the appreciation activities into “overall recognition - rational discovery - deep understanding” three different levels. Overall recognition: When the sensible elements of work are conducted to brain through the sensory organs, the brain will generate overall reflection by integrating object and background of the pictures. At this time, the appreciator can quickly capture the large sense generated in that short moment and describe it as detailed as possible. Rational discovery: On the basis of overall recognition to make “analysis” on the branch of works, and then integrate into the whole part, through the local analysis to enhance the overall aesthetic experience and lay basis for “deep understanding” in the next phase. Deep understanding: After the viewers experience and make analysis on sensible elements of the works, then they make sublimation into deep understanding of “internal essence”. The non-sensible factors may trigger the viewers’ resonance in deep spirit. At this moment, the viewers shall capture an instant insight through heart, making a detailed description of passion and deep understanding brought out by cultural meanings.


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