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  • Xiao-Yu Sun
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Plakortide E (85) and plakortone B (87) were first isolated from the Jamaican marine sponge Plakortis halichondrioides along with plakortones A, C, D in 1996 by Patil and coworkers. In 1999, plakortone B (87) was also isolated from the Caribbean sponge Plakortis simplex along with plakortones C–F by Fattorusso and coworkers. In their continuing program to identify compounds with antifungal properties, Wright and coworkers also isolated a molecule identified as plakortide E (85) from the sponge Plakortis halichondrioides in 2002.


Total Synthesis Kinetic Resolution Terminal Alkyne Wittig Reaction Cyclic Peroxide 
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