Seismic Activity Associated with Volcán de Colima

  • Raúl Arámbula-MendozaEmail author
  • Gabriel Reyes-Dávila
  • Tonatiuh Domínguez-Reyes
  • Dulce Vargas-Bracamontes
  • Miguel González-Amezcua
  • Alejandro Martínez-Fierros
  • Ariel Ramírez-Vázquez
Part of the Active Volcanoes of the World book series (AVOLCAN)


Many different types of seismic events are registered simultaneously at Volcán de Colima, reflecting the variety of physical processes that occur at the same time. Formal recording of seismic activity began in 1989, when seismic short-period sensors were installed. This has been expanded to a network of broadband sensors currently working on the volcano. Seismicity associated with the most recent volcanic activity has consisted of Volcano-Tectonic events (VTs) and/or High Frequency events (HFs), Long-Period events (LPs), tremor, explosions with associated Very Long- Period events (VLPs), rockfalls, pyroclastic flows and lahars. The time evolution of these signals varies along with the depth and its characteristics. The seismicity and related energy release have been a good indicator of the magnitude of volcanic activity. Combined with other observations, seismic monitoring has been a very efficient tool for forecasting volcanic activity and helping to reduce volcanic risk at Volcán de Colima.


Volcán de Colima Volcano seismicity Seismic monitoring Seismic events Forecast 



We appreciate the comments of three anonymous referees and the editor Nick Varley who improved the manuscript. RESCO has been maintained by the University of Colima, Fideicomiso Preventivo (FIPREDEN) of the Federal Government, and the Civil Protection Authorities of Colima and Jalisco states. Also many thanks to VDAP (USGS) for the donation of four broadband seismic stations. Finally, thanks to CONACYT who provided funding via a Proyecto por Problemas Nacionales 2015, #916, which supported a part of this project.


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  • Tonatiuh Domínguez-Reyes
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  • Dulce Vargas-Bracamontes
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