Research on Spreading and Sharing of Knowledge from Sciencepaper Online to Wikipedia

  • Xin JinEmail author
  • Xin Zhou
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 134)


In order to enhance the utilization and effect of China’s Scientificpaper Online(SO in short), this paper focuses on the observed research of ontology technology for knowledge spreading, we use significant Wikipedia Platform to encourage people’s accessing and attention on online scientific resource. The research is on the basis of the topic information extracted from the scientific resource of SO using ontology, we establish the relationship between the topic information and the related items from Wikipedia, syncretize the scientific resource and the information flow of users’ access. In other words, user can get access to scientific resource by correlative items in Wikipedia. We make ontology as the kernel, analyse and extract the topic mode of the SO, analyse the mode of Wikipedia resource, construct the automatic pattern recognition system, and make sure the topic information can be published intelligently to the correct location of Wikipedia, and achieve the effect of sharing the resource.


Ontology Knowledge spreading Ontology Mapping 


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