Homewrecker 2.0: An Exploration of Liability for Heart Balm Torts Involving AI Humanoid Consorts

  • Sonya Ziaja
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7072)


With the development of artificially intelligent humanoid consorts, robotics is venturing into a realm of legal liability that has traditionally governed social interactions between humans and other humans, rather than interactions between humans and machines. How can and should legal systems deal with the problems that arise in regulated human interpersonal and sexual relationships when there is an AI sex doll in the mix? Heart balm torts, traditionally used to hold a third party paramour civilly liable for the dissolution of a protected relationship, provide a potential answer. Finding an appropriate entity to be liable will be problematic, though robot producers and the AI entity itself could both be potential defendants in a heart balm case. Producers may be able to limit liability if they can incorporate the experience of heartbreak and compassion into their creations.


Liability Social Robots Artificial Intelligence Sex Heart Balm Tort 


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