Layout Patterns with BPMN Semantics

  • Philip Effinger
Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP, volume 95)


BPMN is a notation language that provides visual elements for modeling business processes. The resulting BPMN diagrams that represent BPMN models follow rules concerning their layout for creating a common understanding among all BPMN designers. A subset of the rules is determined by the BPMN standard. Other rules evolved when the BPMN community gained experience in the usage of its notation language. From a layout algorithmic perspective, the rules are formalized as so-called aesthetics. Until today, aesthetics for BPMN are mostly limited to the underlying graph structure of a BPMN process model diagram.

In this work, we present new layout patterns that can be applied in layout applications of BPMN and its modeling tools. The new layout patterns support BPMN semantics and address layout issues that are not covered by aesthetics so far. The patterns can be combined to achieve positive effects on multiple a) layout issues and b) BPMN semantics at a time. We also give detailed algorithmic descriptions for our patterns.


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