Storing and Indexing Massive RDF Datasets

  • Yongming LuoEmail author
  • François Picalausa
  • George H. L. Fletcher
  • Jan Hidders
  • Stijn Vansummeren
Part of the Data-Centric Systems and Applications book series (DCSA)


The resource description framework (RDF for short) provides a flexible method for modeling information on the Web [34, 40]. All data items in RDF are uniformly represented as triples of the form (subject, predicate, object), sometimes also referred to as (subject, property, value)triples.


Inverted Index Keyword Query Conjunctive Query Triple Pattern Suffix Array 
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The research of FP is supported by an FNRS/FRIA scholarship. The research of SV is supported by the OSCB project funded by the Brussels Capital Region. The research of GF, JH, and YL is supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).


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