Phase diagram of Pb-Yb (lead-ytterbium) system

  • F. Predel
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This chapter provides the phase diagram of Pb-Yb (lead-ytterbium) system.

Phase Diagram

The basis for the phase diagram redrawn in [Landolt–Börnstein] was the work by Palenzona et al. [91Pal]. Okamoto [96Oka] pointed out, that not all of the intermediate phases present in the system are line compounds. By diffractography and differential scanning calorimetry Borzone et al. [93Bor] have shown, that the phase PbYb has a homogeneity range from 50 to 52 atom-% Yb at 573 K to 823 K, whereas the phases Pb3Yb and PbYb2 are really line compounds. The β – PbYb to α – PbYb transformation amounts at 771 K at the Pb – rich side and 776 K at the Yb – rich side [96Oka].


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