Lattice parameter of Pb-Tl (lead-thallium) system

  • F. Predel
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This chapter provides the lattice parameter of Pb-Tl (lead-thallium) system.

Crystal Structure

Tyzack et al. [54Tyz] using X-ray diffractography have determined the lattice parameters of fcc lead-rich substitutional solid solutions. The results were shown in Fig. 1.
Fig. 1

Pb-Tl. Lattice parameters of fcc Pb-rich substitutional solid solutions [54Tyz]

Symbols and abbreviations

Short form

Full form

a, b, c

lattice parameters


  1. [54Tyz]
    Tyzack, C., Raynor, G.V.: Acta Cryst. 7 (1954) 505CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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