Thermodynamic properties of Sn-Tm (tin-thulium) system

  • F. Predel
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This chapter provides the enthalpy of formation and crystal structure of Sn3Tm5.


The structure of the intermediate phase Sn3Tm5 is hexagonal (Mn5Si3 – type). Meschel et al. [99Mes] succeeded in determining its standard enthalpy of formation. They found the value

ΔHS298 = − 72.8 ± 2.1 kJ g-atom−1.

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integral enthalpy of formation of a solid alloy


  1. [99Mes]
    Meschel, S.V., Kleppa, O.J.: J. Alloys Comp. 285 (1999) 179CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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