Enthalpy of formation of Pr-Ru (praseodymium-ruthenium) system

  • F. Predel
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This chapter provides the enthalpy of formation of PrRu2.


On the basis of results from high-temperature calorimetry obtained at 1473 ± 2 K Guo et al. [94Guo] have calculated the standard enthalpy of the intermediate phase PrRu2. Its value amounts to
$$ \Delta {\mathrm{H}}_{298}^{\mathrm{S}}=-16.9\kern0.3em \pm \kern0.3em 1.5\mathrm{kJg}-{\mathrm{atom}}^{-1} $$
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integral enthalpy of formation of a solid alloy


  1. [94Guo]
    Guo, Q., Kleppa, O.J.: Met. Mater. Trans. B 25B (1994) 73CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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