Solutions for a Variable Compliance Gripper Design

  • Maria Elena Giannaccini
  • Sanja Dogramadzi
  • Tony Pipe
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Grippers used in industry and robotics as peripheral tools to grasp objects are often limited to only one type of object surface shape. On the other hand, grippers with the capability to adaptively conform to disparate objects surfaces could be used for handling multi-surfaced workparts [1]. Furthermore, a gripper with a compliant grasp allows pressure-sensitive objects to be grasped without damage. In addition, a low inertia end-effector improves the energy efficiency of the overall system and can be easily moved in a highly dynamical manner [2]. The first concern of this ongoing research has been to prove that, notwithstanding their variable compliance, the grippers we designed are able to firmly hold objects.


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  • Maria Elena Giannaccini
    • 1
  • Sanja Dogramadzi
    • 1
  • Tony Pipe
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  1. 1.Bristol Robotics LaboratoryBristolUK

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